Everyday Dance – Day 1

I’ve been thinking about this project for a while and this post is the official beginning of – my everyday dance journal – which I intend to keep for at least on year. Today is December 13, 2009. So I have until December 12, 2010 at midnight to decide if I want to take it further. I have no real expectations of what will happen. I know I have some big moves and other projects that will make it challenging to post a dance every day, but I am comitting to doing just that. I’m excited to see what the process brings me. I make no promise as to what the content of each day’s dance post will be – other than a dance of some kind.

Today I was excited and full of energy as it’s my first day, so I recorded 3 full songs. I don’t expect that anyone will watch all of them or watch them all the way through, but I’m posting them here for anyone to see.

These are all totally improvisational. The second song “Try a little tenderness” by Three Dog Night, is the most familiar piece of music to me. The “choreography” is made totally on the fly. I hope to improve my technical skills (among other things) over the course of this year. But I am doing pretty much my own made-up style so – I hope you’ll forgive the strange technique.


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