Every day dance – day 2

Good Morning!  I almost sabotaged myself by staying up until 2am –something I rarely do these days– but I woke up just after 7 and asked myself, “if not now, when?”….

I don’t expect to have every day this year come from the studio, but it’s really great to have access to Dance North County in Encinitas where I’ve been a teacher for about a decade.  Time sure does fly. I want to thank Dave Tomko, owner of DNC, for his long time support and friendship.

This week is a kick-off, a beginning of something new and I can feel some of the crusty layers falling away – when I don’t dance often I seem to harden and get cynical. I can already feel some of that softening and even feel a bit of bursting in my heart as I write this – or maybe it’s the french roast coffee….

I can already see patterns emerging that I wasn’t aware of.  Perhaps I’ll discover my own natural dance vocabulary and document it.  I hope to expand my repertiore of movement and was conscious of the call (from my teacher Vinn Marti) to rearrange the familiar as I danced each piece.  Performance  sits delicately perched between letting go and holding a strong intention. This is not performance – well not entirely anyway. I guess this experiment is more a process on display like a performance in the hopes that I will perform better and more authentically in the process because I have an (as yet undiscovered) audience.   I also hope to develop my technical skills as this process unfolds.
If you’re actually reading this, thanks. Stop by whenever you can and just leave a comment here or, better yet on youtube.

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One response to “Every day dance – day 2”

  1. Cherie Mainenti says :

    I don’t know if you planned your outfit for the first dance. It seemed perfect for some reason. It was very fluid and the way you had your sweater pulled back (at first I thought it was a shrug) and the solid colors just seemed to add to it. That and the lighting in the studio really made it a beautiful piece.

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