Day 5 -Happy Christmas, War is over – Dance with me!

I just typed “Holiday” into the search bar in my i-tunes library today and came up with this rendition of Happy Christmas, War is Over by Jaquie Naylor.  As I was dancing, the words “if you want it, war is over now” suddenly meant so much to me. There are lots of internal wars raging in me. I imagine I’m not the only woman who struggles with her physical flaws nor the only person who has internal conflicts.  But I get it! War is over, if I want it. And I want it.  Join me and dance!


2 responses to “Day 5 -Happy Christmas, War is over – Dance with me!”

  1. Jillaine says :

    Dear friend of Tori,

    Thanks so much for doing this project. It’s inspiring me a great deal. This one in particular. (What are you at war with that you could let go?)

    Please keep dancing, every day, all year.

    I’ll be dancing (or painting or drawing or writing) with you.

    Another friend of Tori’s…

    • Mary says :

      Dear Jillaine,

      Thanks for your encouragement! I am so happy to be able to inspire you…that inspires me! I hope you’ll share more of what you’re doing with us too!

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