Day 9 – the lost day…

Well, I’ve had my share of technical challenges and someone told me Mercury is in retrograde. I believe it. I’ve had to reconfigure all my recording and editing options. So I missed posting my dance yesterday, but we did do it. I say we, because Marky and Tori joined me at the studio yesterday. They also joined me today so I’m posting a dance we did today that resembles yesterday’s dance.

We were able to get some good video of connection teachings which I’ll post here somewhere too…


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One response to “Day 9 – the lost day…”

  1. Tori says :

    aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!! it was so much fun to dance with you both and it’s so fun to see your technology has finally begun to cooperate a wee bit so that you can post again. may Mercury be kind to you going forward.

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