Day 15 – the Bowling Dances and some technical notes…

Today I went to teach Ron and Jennifer a ballroom lesson in Kearney Mesa. Afterward we decided to head to the bowling alley and film our dance. Here’s what we came up with:

Some of my concerns about this project right now are that each day this week I’ve bumped up the complexity of the video project a bit and it’s only Day 15.  What will I do on day 23, 48, 67, 95, 117, 233, and 364?  Am I setting a standard for myself that will become problematic_stressful_unattainable?  What I know is that I have choice and I get to keep practicing non-attachment. Like, I thought yesterday’s dance was fantastic and fun and I really worry that people didn’t tune in for that and that they’ll tune in on a day when I didn’t have/wasn’t able to produce something quite as juicy.  Oh well.  Too bad.

I have to do this project for the sake of _doing this project_ and all other factors are, necessarily, of secondary or less priority. Today’s is all that matters. Yesterday’s is in the can and tomorrow’s isn’t thought of yet.

I want to make a note about the technical aspects of making these videos so far. The first few days I was in the studio with a static shot set up by placing my MacBook on a table under the stereo. I hooked it up to the stereo and played music from there.  There was very little editing – as I was doing a one-take static shot.  What editing I have done so far has performed in iMovie.

About Day 6, my camera in my mac stopped recording. I borrowed Tsha’s handheld camera and then had a more mobile shot, so I played with that.  Then I discovered that I was unable to import the video directly to my Macbook – my second trip to the genius bar revealed that not only was the camera broken, so are my USB ports.

I have another older Canon ZR60 which has a fire wire. So the last few days were shot with that. It’s great, except it records to tape and I’ve accidentally lost footage by recording over stuff. The mobility of having a handheld camera has opened up a lot more options – plus Marky was out of town the first week I was doing this so now I also have a camera person.  This has been a lot of fun – as I love editing video.

Since using the hand-held camera, on some of the days I’ve tacked an audio track on over the dance. Some were the same song, just a cleaner version and others were different songs or – as in today’s case – there was no song at all. Another reason I love my Macbook is that from iMovie I can access my iTunes library and just pull an audio track over from there.

Another consideration on the audio subject is copyright and Youtube. I’ve had videos stripped of their audio in the past and so each day when I’m uploading I pray that won’t happen. So far I’ve been lucky -where there are copyright issues the video either is only banned in Germany or they simply put an ad on the video to buy the song at Amazon (which is the smart thing to do!)

There’s more I’m learning about connecting my blog to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube…but that’ll come in another post. I still have so much to learn!

I hope you enjoyed today’s dance and that you’ll leave a comment and share this on Facebook or somewhere.  Oh yes…and get up and dance with me will ya?!


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One response to “Day 15 – the Bowling Dances and some technical notes…”

  1. Lianne & Joseph says :

    LOL!! Joseph’s working late & you guys really gave me something fun to laugh at! Love it! Needed that!

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