Day 16 – History Repeating

All night I was waking up, dreaming about dancing…what the next dance will be…how to keep it interesting. I saw myself using one of the sturdy tables at the studio and that was it.  Then this morning I checked my email and there was a song request for “History Repeating” by Shirley Bassey and The Propeller Heads from Marilynne Morsehead.  Marilynne is a new FB friend who has excellent taste! I am familiar with and love that song.

I told Marky that was the song and he suggested I wear his T-Shirt from his friends at Vicious Cycle in Portland, OR. that he got doing a book reading for Riding Man.  The idea that History Repeating is just a Vicious Cycle.  So…on we went from there.


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One response to “Day 16 – History Repeating”

  1. Lianne & Joseph says :

    Hmm, getting more polished! One of my favorites so far.

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