Day 17 – Thanks for the Aprons Jennifer!

My friend and ballroom student, Jennifer Ross is (among other things) a master seamstress.  Her Christmas gift to us this year was specialized homemade aprons made with the image of our respective occupations.  Mine has ballroom dancers, feathers and beads. Mark’s has leather pockets and images of motorcycle racers all over it! We love them. So this dance is for you Jennifer. It’s a prequel to our “Kitchen Tango” that we’ve been fantasizing about for a while now…


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2 responses to “Day 17 – Thanks for the Aprons Jennifer!”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Mary, this made my day start off with a big smile! Thank you so much! Glad you’re really getting some enjoyment from the aprons (although I never imagined in this manner)! Yeah!
    And the kitchen tango idea is AWESOME!

  2. Lianne & Joseph says :

    Jennifer’s aprons are amazing! What a seamstress/designer! But this dance was too short–I wanted more! 🙂 Mark is lookin’ good! (Of course you always look good, Mary!)

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