Day 19 – Dancing on Catalina Island to Jackie Gleason

We got to Catalina yesterday and it’s so lovely, I wanted to incorporate the landscape into this one and let it inform my dance.  My friend Xavier gave me a wonderful album by the Jackie Gleason Orchestra, and the music is perfect for the 1930’s -40’s style architecture and flavor of Catalina Island.  Thanks Marky for being such a great camera man.


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11 responses to “Day 19 – Dancing on Catalina Island to Jackie Gleason”

  1. Kathy Myers says :

    Loved it! Girlfriend, you’ve got guts! I think a little Tango in Target may soon be in order. Happy New Year’s–this video really was a gift.

  2. Tori says :

    Mary, you are truly outdoing yourself these days! I love your dance/travelogue. And so poignant about your mom. Glad to hear she’s doing well after her procedure!

    I failed grandly at my first attempt to record a dance offering. I pulled over on I-5 in the middle of freakin’ nowhere (somewhere between Bakersfield and Berkeley) with the intention of catching the beautiful cloudy light amid the orchards there. However, I was thwarted by (a) the fact that the lovely light was so bright I literally could not see the cursor on the screen and (b) er… bees. Yes, bees. All over the computer and seemingly incensed that I would want to use it without their permission. What can I say? I caved.

    Will make another attempt soon I hope. In the meantime, I’m spreading the word about Freebox Dance Everyday.

    Happy New Year to you and Marky!

    • Mary says :

      Tori, I just don’t understand what kept you from following through? A silly bee sting kept you from dancing? I guess the bees were attracted to your sweet personality. Just kidding about getting stung, I wouldn’t expect anyone to risk their well-being for a dance…it is supposed to make one feel better, not worse. Thanks for spreading the word. I appreciate it and you!

      Happy New Year to you too.

  3. mark says :

    I loved shooting this. What a great setting!

  4. mari says :

    What a lovely music and dance!!

  5. Carrie says :

    Love it Mary…..Now I want to go to Catalina! Like the idea of you and Kathy…..and the Target Tango

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