Day 25 – Dancing with the beautiful Mari

My dear friend Mari came to the studio this morning.  We started moving and at some point I looked at Mark and just nodded to the camera for him to start filming. We captured 16 minutes of video that spanned 2 songs – neither of which seemed very inspirational for the video portion of this project.  So I chose Michael Franti and Spearhead’s “People in da middle” and edited to it.  I think it works pretty well.

I’m finding that editing is another phase of choreography.  Something that is compelling live, or in the moment doesn’t always come across that way for video. And the goal is to keep the video’s short enough that people will be able to watch them.   I love dancing with Mari, she’s so beautiful and she’s always in the moment with her dance.


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One response to “Day 25 – Dancing with the beautiful Mari”

  1. mari says :

    It was great time for us!
    I really enjoyed dance with you.
    Thanks Mary and Mark!

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