Day 26 – “I’m Too Sexy” with lots of new friends!

Making today’s video was especially fun.  One of my FB friends, Debra Siegelman, requested the song, “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.  I knew that was one I needed some help for. So Marky and I headed to downtown Encinitas to see who we could recruit.

I have to admit, the prospect of asking strangers to dance with me in public (usually without music even) is a bit scary.  But I suppose that is one of the reasons to do it! Luckily, the first people we ran into were not only friends of ours, but fellow Freeboxers, Marilyn and Jenny.  They were all over helping.  Jenny had just hurt her foot but she’s such a good sport, we sat her in the chair and I think it made a really nice composition.  Thanks you two for getting us started.

Then we headed down the street to see who else we could recruit.  I convinced a very nice girl on her way to work, to walk the catwalk with me – I think her name was Mariana – but I am probably wrong. Sorry, it was all so fast!  Thank you anyway and if you are reading this, leave a comment with your real name!

I don’t know the names of everyone else in the video but I hope you guys will stop by and leave a comment telling me who you are! I really appreciate your enthusiasm.  When I walked by and you were all leaning on the window of the vacant retail space  I just couldn’t help imagining you “shaking your little tush(es) on the catwalk.” And, lo – you did so with style!

Unfortunately I had some trouble uploading to Youtube – so it’s on vimeo – you have to click the link below to see it.

Freebox Everyday Dance – Day 26 – I’m too Sexy! from Mary Pinizzotto on Vimeo. – Mary Pinizzotto’s Freebox Dance Blog. Day 26 of my year long commitment to post a dance video every day for a year. It’s 100% improvisation. GET UP AND DANCE WITH ME! I take requests….Subscribe, leave a comment and/or post a video response – I want to hear from you.


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8 responses to “Day 26 – “I’m Too Sexy” with lots of new friends!”

  1. Melinda says :

    Its Melinda, the girl on her way to work! The video looks great! Love it!

    • Mary says :

      Melinda! That’s the one…she’s too sexy for her shirt! Thanks for playing with us. Have fun – we’ll come visit you at Home sometime!

  2. Linda Estis says :

    Hi Mary,

    It was great fun to dance yesterday..I’m the tall blond on the end. I will be checking your web-site daily for the fun videos.

    • Mary says :

      Hi Linda! I love that you just jumped right in! See how much you added to the final production? Thanks for playing with us. Please say hello often!

  3. Kathy Myers says :

    Loved this one! How many people ran the other way when they saw you approaching with camera crew?

  4. Nina Cornelius says :

    You are just having way to much fun Mary!! And what a great bunch of free spirits!!!

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