Day 31 – “Satisfaction”

This song is so much fun…I really love dancing to it in a group, but today it came up and I went with it. I was alone in the studio and wasn’t working too hard on setting up the camera – so I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like.  I discovered last night that my Cannon ZR-60 will record in 16:9 format (amazing what you can learn when you read the manual!) so I used that – and as a result I have no head in the first take.  It’s ok though, there’s some interesting shots where the mirror image of me is dancing between my legs…


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2 responses to “Day 31 – “Satisfaction””

  1. Jillaine says :

    I used to be able to do that… 😉
    and… I would have ended up where you ended up but um about half way through. 😉
    love your stamina

    • Mary says :

      haha Jillaine, it was fun and I did just heave myself down at the end out of exhaustion, but the actual song is almost 7 minutes long!

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