Day 34 – The Target Tango

I have to thank Kathy and Mark for investing their time, talent and I must admit guts to do today’s dance with me. The impetus for this one came from a thread of comments from Day 19’s dance on Catalina Island. I thought Carrie Kloss came up with the idea, but now I realize it came from Kathy and Carrie encouraged the idea.

We weren’t sure if we were allowed to video in Target and we didn’t want to have to ask for permission, so we were recording covertly…we had the camera in a cart and Mark was (as you can clearly see) steering the cart. We had no idea that we’d get or even use that kind of footage. This dance came together rather miraculously – as they all seem to.  I’ve watched it a few times now and each time I see something else.  There’s a real weird sense of the surreal in this one for me.

Turned out, none of the Target employees even noticed us dancing.  Some of the customers did and they seemed amused.

Thank you Yo Yo Ma for this wonderful music “Fugata” from the Soul of Tango album. Thanks Target for the venue.


  1. OMG! This was great! It’s amazing to me how much of your movement fit in o perfectly with the music. It doesn’t sound like you edited; it sounds like it just happened that way – serendipity.

    What is so funny for me is that one night years ago Patrick gave me a spontaneous tango lesson in that same parking log – with the shopping carts!

  2. Loved it! How creative! Mary, you are not only a dancer or choreographer, but a TRUE ARTIST!
    I will no longer walk the isles of TARGET, but will “dance” instead.
    Target need s to change their current slogan from
    Pay Less, Get More
    Walk less, DANCE more!

    Great piece of ART!!!
    Sylvania, FitTAP

    P.S. What’s next/? the Wal Mart Waltz???

    1. Sylvania, coming from you I really am flattered. I love the Target slogan – you never know! You are an inspiration to me…FitTAP ROCKS! and so do you 🙂

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