Day 36 – The Walmart Waltz

You asked for it, we deliver! The Walmart Waltz.  Like the Target Tango it was filmed guerrilla style with a concealed camera.  Thank you so much to dancers: Kathy Myers, Jennifer Ross, Ron Smith and Art Lashbrooke.  Also, thanks to Mark Gardiner’s crotch and camera work!

We had a great time doing this. It’s surprisingly easy…though it did provide a real adrenaline rush!


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8 responses to “Day 36 – The Walmart Waltz”

  1. Kathy Myers says :

    I loved the little Asian kid about mid-way through the video–couldn’t quite figure out what was happening all around him.

    Great job Mary! I didn’t know retail dancing could be this fun!

  2. Mary says :

    The new definition of Retail Therapy! Kathy, thank you! You’re a great partner in crime!

  3. Jennifer says :

    I am so impressed with what a simple idea can produce! Great job indeed!
    My favorite part is Kathy’s dip of the pink robe.
    My shopping experiences at Walmart will forever be changed!

  4. Marcia says :

    OMG – these are becoming more and more amazing every day!! Taking on a life of their own crossing over into performance art, mini theater/drama, short films.

    Mary, this is such a great project on many levels and can’t wait to see how it evolves over the weeks and months. Reminds me a little of Lower Left (an improvisational dance performance group) at Sushi downtown in the early 90’s.

    What’s next? A Rhumba at Ralphs 😉

  5. Cherie says :

    That was fantastic!

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