Day 38 – Boogie Shoes …

The other day Fodie Baker requested the song, “Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band, because she said I’m never wearing shoes and she wants to see me in some boogie ass shoes. (I’m paraphrasing all but the last part of what she said.)

So I got to thinking about it and the idea occurred to me that it would be fun to dance in only a pair of shoes…or several pairs of shoes. But how to do that without being totally naked on video?  I was thinking of dancing behind some kind of screen – then Mark suggested I look and see if I could do it in iMovie…sure enough, the “picture in picture” feature is movable and scalable.  It maintains the same aspect ratio though – so it was a bit of work to make it look ok.  Well, we spent many hours on this one and I have to thank Mark again for his help and strong creative direction on this dance.

I hope you find it as amusing as we do. Leave a comment…here or on Youtube!  Thanks for watching!


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3 responses to “Day 38 – Boogie Shoes …”

  1. Marcia says :

    Fantastic – love it!

  2. Kathy Myers says :

    I bet Mark really enjoyed filming this one! One of your very best.

  3. Cherie says :

    I agree with Kathy. That was so creative.

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