Day 39 -Stormy Weather

Today the waves were huge…this week of storms is bringing in the biggest waves we’ve seen in a year or two in Cardiff.  They are big enough that when we arrived at Cardiff State Beach, there were about 10 people standing around and taking pictures with their cell phone cameras.  The actual storms are just starting now as I write this several hours after filming this dance on the beach.  I think I just saw lightning.  Should make for an interesting dance week.


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2 responses to “Day 39 -Stormy Weather”

  1. Diane Rocha says :

    OMG! This may be be the best one yet! With the waves crashing behind you like that – I love it.

    I have been totally enchanted by the rain throughout this whole “stormy weather,” and this just adds to my delight.

    Thanks, Mary.

  2. Cherie Mainenti says :

    I agree with Diane, that was very cool.

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