Day 40 – Singing in the Rain!

I’m taking advantage of the theme the weather has provided this week.  Today we headed downtown Encinitas to do a little dancing in the rain. I tried to get into the Gene Kelly mode – oh he’s so dreamy! But remember, he was in an enclosed studio and was dancing a choreographed routine and he could hear the music while he was dancing!  Plus he was a master dancer.

These outdoors shoots are really interesting because we get the idea to go, then we go and shoot never knowing what we’ll find or what will actually happen.  We aren’t really well equipped for videoing in the rain…the zip lock baggie didn’t keep the lens from getting splashed!

There happened to be a reporter from ABC 10 taking video of Encinitas on this blustery, rainy day while I was dancing down the street. I danced right through one of his shots and he ended up interviewing us.  Maybe we’ll end up on the news today!  If you’re here because you saw us on the news, leave a comment! Youtube stripped the audio…I’m currently uploading one with a different (less good!) version of the song …here’s the new version…not as good, but at least there is sound.


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6 responses to “Day 40 – Singing in the Rain!”

  1. Kathy Myers says :

    Brilliant! Mary, you would have made Gene Kelly proud! I just loved it!. I hope you saved the scene in the mudpuddles for the end of the shoot–those looked like awfully nice shoes to go wading in.

  2. Karey says :

    My favorite favorite favorite!! Wouldn’t you have loved to dance with Gene? I am sure he would have loved to dance with you! You hoof with the best with ’em!

  3. Cheryl says :

    This one made me smile so much! Loved it!

  4. Diane Rocha says :

    Loved, loved, loved this! I agree that Gene would have been proud – and would have joined in with you were he still with us. I have been thinking of him and that song and dance all week.

    Great costume, too. And I thought the raindrops on the camera lens added a poetic touch.

    I look forward to what is next in store for us.

  5. Jennifer says :

    I concur! This is wonderfully fabulous!

  6. Cherie Mainenti says :

    Ah, I love Gene Kelly.

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