Day 42 – Crashing Rusty’s gig …

Today my friend Rusty was playing at a fundraiser to benefit musician Steve White who lost his vocal cords to cancer. The event took place at “Old Time Music” in North Park. That’s a great venue. There were two rooms, one has a huge hardwood floor which would be great for dancing. Rusty was playing in the front of the store where they had a small stage area set up.

I really did crash his gig, and I don’t think he minded, but I felt a little worried about detracting from his wonderful music. There wasn’t a lot of room, so I hunkered down in the corner and tried to make myself one of the instruments. For some reason I feel a little self-conscious about this one. I guess that’s a good thing…expanding out of my comfort zone. It was fun to be part of the event and I’m a big fan of Rusty Jones!


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2 responses to “Day 42 – Crashing Rusty’s gig …”

  1. timo says :

    Good for you gettin out of your comfort zone! I’ve got one of them coming up soon too. Solo performance concert. Love these videos!

  2. Steve Covault says :

    Great Dance Mary, it sure was fun! I love Rusty’s music, too. I was the guy up front snapping all of the photos. I’ll try to post some of them up soon so you can see them.

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