Day 45 – Dedicated to the Enlisted Wives Club…

In July 2008 I was invited to Freebox with the Enlisted Wives Club of Camp Pendleton. It was an interesting challenge and I grew a lot from the experience. I don’t think I provided for them what they were really in the mood for or necessarily open to. It turned out ok, but not great. I was not prepared or familiar with the environment and had no idea ahead of time what the group of women I was to meet were interested in.

I came offering a more (I cringe at this term – but alas, it’s true) “new-agey” approach. Barefoot movement. Feeling the breath. Letting myself arrive in my body – kind of stuff. And these girls would have just loved to party down to some good old funk (which I finally, too late figured out)

I left feeling pretty beat up and were it not for the wonderful people with me – Garuda, Missy and Mark – I would have left feeling like a complete failure. What I learned was that it helps to know your audience, and when you don’t – be ready to improvise!

the Freebox to me is an attitude. It’s whatever attitude moves you today in whatever form you care to move. Dancing is good. Almost all movement can be considered dance. Feeling rhythm is a joy. Letting yourself express through movement is freedom.

Today I asked a friend to dance with me at a particular site. She said she wasn’t ready. I respect her for that. I had the thought then to dance in the kitchen and found this wonderful song by The Andrews Sisters, “Near Me”. It seemed the most obvious thing to do in the kitchen was to make coffee, I got dressed, then found the Enlisted Wives Club mug and thought, “Perfect!”


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3 responses to “Day 45 – Dedicated to the Enlisted Wives Club…”

  1. Marcia says :

    Fantastic – loved it – you move so well in such a tiny space and didn’t miss a beat even while multi-tasking! Great outfit, hat and shoes!

  2. Mary says :

    Thanks Marcia, it’s totally silly and I loved doing it too!

  3. Cherie Mainenti says :

    I think this is my new favorite. It just seems so perfect, the dress and the “woman in the kitchen” for the era of the song.

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