Day 47 – Sticking with authenticity

This morning I got up and was taken with the idea of dancing in the morning light that comes in through our patio sliders. I love the silhouette effect that it creates. I looked in my iTunes library and this song by French artist, Camille called to me. La Ou Je Suis Ne – it’s a melancholy tune but it’s really beautiful. I had a moment where I thought maybe I shouldn’t use this song because it’s not happy. But that was a thought that stemmed from trying to “perform” and give people what they want. Heck, I have no idea what anyone wants from me except for me to be true to myself. I’m glad I went with that. I love what happened.


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One response to “Day 47 – Sticking with authenticity”

  1. Cherie Mainenti says :

    I’m glad you did this one too. It was probably the most beautiful out of all that I’ve watched so far. Except for hatred and apathy, I think there is beauty in different emotions, even the sad ones.

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