Day 49 – “Java” at the Panniken

Today Ron and Jennifer joined me at the Panniken for a little public dancing fun. I think we were embarrassing the people in line at one point, but then we found a true Freebox spirit, Patrick who kindly succumbed to a dance with me. Thanks Patrick. Leave a comment here…I loved dancing with you!

Tonight Ron and Jennifer are dancing for the first time together in the Dance for 2 showcase. They’ll be doing a waltz that I’ve coached them on. I thought this might be a good warm-up for them to work out any nerves! I’ll post their waltz tomorrow or the next day.


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2 responses to “Day 49 – “Java” at the Panniken”

  1. Kathy Myers says :

    I just love unseemly public displays! In fact, I think I’m going through unseemly public display withdrawal.

  2. Cherie says :

    I love this one, the music is so fun and the birds looked like they were trained.

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