Day 54 – Bailey’s Cafe

I had the great pleasure to dance with some of the Bailey’s Cafe “family” in Brooklyn, New York. You’ll notice a little Freebox Bailey’s uses art, performance, gardening and more to transform their lives and build real relationships that nurture the community in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood. I met Stefanie Seigel, the founder of Bailey’s Cafe, back in August when Mark and I (mostly Mark) handled public relations on a project where Jay Leno auctioned off a Yamaha motorcycle to benefit Bailey’s. That auction brought 120k for Bailey’s Cafe. It also forged a relationship between Bailey’s and us.

Stefanie’s commitment and vision moved us and made us want to do what we could to help make Bailey’s dream of having a home real. So we headed to Brooklyn this week to hold focus groups, observe performances, get to know the people involved and to make new connections. I met so many bright, articulate kids, and adults – people passionate about making a difference and taking action on their passions. The participants told us story after story of their lives being transformed because of the Bailey’s Cafe community. It was truly a wonderful week and I’m still processing it all.

We are dancing to the Bailey’s Cafe theme song written by Blues great, Michael Hill with performances by the members of Bailey’s on the recording. You’ll notice we even played the chessboard game!


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4 responses to “Day 54 – Bailey’s Cafe”

  1. Mark says :

    We walked to Paul Robeson school, so we saw the neighborhood… Much of Bedford Stuyvesant is a food desert, in which most residents operate without any of the support we take for granted from family and community. 75% of the students at Paul Robeson are characterized as ‘special needs.’ And in spite of those challenges the students we met were kind-hearted, articulate, thoughtful, creative…
    Anyone who shared our amazing and inspiring day would come away thinking, ‘I want to support any program that helps kids like _this_ come out of a place like _that_.

  2. lamegoatstorytelling says :

    Namaste, indeed! Why does it make me so happy to watch people just dancing and having fun? It’s so contagious. I love that you showed them the chessboard dance game. All your dances are great, but this one lit up my heart. xo…

  3. causelessjoy says :

    Oops – just realized I was logged in under the wrong name. The Lame Goat Storytelling comment was from me. Love! Tori

  4. Jessika Mallardi says :

    This one brought tears to my eyes…in a good way!!!

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