Day 56 – With a little help from my friends

I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida and thanks to Facebook, Karey, Jessika and Cherie – some of my old high school friends – agreed to dance with me at Straub Park. My sister Nina, a couple of her friends – Barbara and Beth, and my brother George with his two children – Gianna and George the 3rd came out and played with us too!

Mark isn’t with me so Nina and George and I took turns doing the camera work. In the waterfront shots you can just barely see the Pier in the background. The Vinoy hotel is behind us in the shots where we are dancing on the bricks. The banyon tree and the Hand are right next to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts The Hand sculpture is part of an exhibit of the artist, Fernando Botero. There were some other wonderful sculptures of his on the lawn.

We really had a good time doing this. Thanks everyone who played with me today!!!


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3 responses to “Day 56 – With a little help from my friends”

  1. Mark says :

    Freddy… I can’t see the video! I had to go to freebox on YouTube to see it! I miss you here in Cardiff, and now I miss you on your blog!

  2. Karey says :

    Thanks, Mary! Great fun =great video!! Hope you have a safe trip home. I cant wait for your next visit!

  3. Vinnet says :

    This was awesome!!! I bet the people out and about enjoyed it also!!

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