Day 57 – Mahna Mahna

Today I hung out with my family. My sister Laura, her fiancé Bob, sons Chris, Blake and Ryan were there. Also my sister Nina, her son Nicholas, his girlfriend Tiffany and Nina’s friend Craig were there. And my mom, Joan. There were many family members missing – My brother George and my sister Joanne, their kids and several other nieces and nephews (you know who you are!)

We really had a good time. I’m so happy that I could get everyone to play with me…it’s funny now, no-one can hang out with me unless they agree to dance. Great for me…i hope for them too!


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2 responses to “Day 57 – Mahna Mahna”

  1. Mark says :

    Nick looks really tough on my display, that makes all the images about 20% wider. Tell him I said, “Ease of on the ‘roids!”

    Very funny, though. Who needs the Alvin Ailey dance corps, when you can choreograph that lot?.. Well done! Now, we need you back in San Diego…

  2. Cherie Mainenti says :

    That was the funniest one so far. Really cute.

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