Day 62 – “Never There” by Cake…

I made an error with the camera framing today, so mostly it’s my legs in the frame. I played around with editing to try to make it a little more interesting. I’m a bit challenged for inspiration and time to devote to being very creative this week. I’d love to be able to make everyday a creative triumph, but realistically…that’s just not going to happen. I hope I get my mojo back soon, but in the meantime I’m grateful for the friends and family members (today it’s George the3rd) that are supporting and playing with me.


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3 responses to “Day 62 – “Never There” by Cake…”

  1. Nina Cornelius says :

    Error??? What error?? All I see is a very artsy dance video with a little guy for a dance partner! LOVE the editing!! MEAN IT!!

  2. causelessjoy says :

    Wow, this is totally inspiring me for my boogie night out tonight! I think it’s GREAT, Mary. We love for *you* not for your editing.

  3. Beth says :

    I like it! Great song.

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