Day 64 – Sometimes we cry

Today I could tear my hair out if I was so inclined. Using the words “Health Care” is absurd for what we’ve been through with the folks at St. Pete General handling my mother’s illness. It started before we got her with her regular doctors and nurses ignoring signs of distress and dismissing our concerns over symptoms including a very high fever. It took the paramedics to diagnose correctly that she had pneumonia… but then the hospital doctors waited hours after her tests (9 hours) to consult with us, in which time her condition worsened severely. They news, then in the process of moving to another room – (suddenly we learn she may be contagious!) a new nurse we’ve not met yet then flippantly announces “here’s your paperwork for congestive heart failure – which you have.” Ugh.

I did manage to take a break with my nephew Chris today. We took a walk out by Madeira Beach along the intracoastal. It was chilly and there was a strong breeze which provided a little cleansing relief.


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2 responses to “Day 64 – Sometimes we cry”

  1. Mark says :

    I love you. Keep moving, because that’s life, moving is.

  2. Karey says :

    Mary, you are so graceful! Perfect song and perfect backdrop for the type of day(week) it sounds like you had! I could fully envision myself falling off that dock at least half a dozen times where you were so perfectly poised!
    I will echo Mark…Keep moving!

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