Day 65 – Twilight time – live from St. Pete General…

Coming to you live from St. Petersburg General – Mom is feeling better – the smoke in the first shot was her idea – it’s from her breathing treatment that she was taking while I danced and my sister, Nina did the camera work.


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3 responses to “Day 65 – Twilight time – live from St. Pete General…”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Mary, if there is ANY best way for your mom to spend time in the hospital, it’s with you dancing by her side!

  2. Mark says :

    This made me miss you more than ever. Strangely, just before I watched this, I was reading a story about the latest dance craze in Paris — then I got French-themed music, and you dressed all in black, dancing a wordless performance. There’s a pedestrian bridge across the Seine near Notre Dame, where I used to watch street performers. This would’ve been right at home there…

  3. Steve Hodgson says :

    Hope your Mum is feeling better Mary, this WILL have made Her feel better !

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