Day 78 – Ease on Down the Road…

We started our day out in Victorville, CA and are resting the night in Richfield, UT. We made some new friends from St. George, UT while dancing on the highway along the Virgin River Canyon. Thanks so much to the biker guys and chics. If you guy and gals stop by…please say hello! And if you can tell me more about where we were exactly, that would be greatly appreciated.

The motel we are staying in in Richfield has painted brick walls and 1960’s motif. It’s utterly cool and it’s $30. The front desk clerk greeted us slowly and with a broad smile that showed her missing front teeth. There was the smell of fabreezed-over cigarette smoke and a no smoking sign. It was quiet in the way a padded cel might be, and there was an ever so subtle soundtrack of a Mormon Sermon playing in the barely conscious sound waves. There was a sign on the front desk stating that there were channels on the TV that show XXX movies – “BE WARNED”.


  1. Oh, Mary, I miss you already. But it’s so good to be able to keep up with you here. Loved the yellow line down the road like the yellow brick road – very cool. And the bikers were fun; what good sports!


  2. Mary…..we had so much fun dancing with you today…..I will be following you for the remaining time of your dancing blog. The two guys are my husband Clint Rogers and Joe Howson, the ladies are (me) Kiz Rogers (the tall one) and Suzi…… We were in the canyon on I-15 called The Gorge, and we were pulled over at an recreation area called Cedar Pockets. About 9 miles from St. George, Utah. Wasn’t it beautiful driving through and catching all of the shading and fantastic lighting on the red mesa’s? It is a favorite ride of ours. Have fun on your adventure to Kansas…..we have family and friends in and around Kansas City. Great to share a moment of time with you! Kiz Rogers…Biker Chic

    1. Hi Kiz, Thanks for the info! You were great and when you come to Kansas City, give us a call! My husband Mark (the videographer) is a motorcycle journalist (racer too!). I’m learning to ride too!

  3. Mary.. this was AWESOME! Most of your videos make me smile but this one made me laff outloud when the bikers came on!!! I was praying a car wasn’t going to come around a corner and scare us to death lol.. I love love that ur making friends everywhere.. You’re very special.. keep it up.. they’re sooooo fun to watch!

    Who knew Nina had such a talented sister!! hehe

    1. Hey now missy – of COURSE my sister is talented! Look who she’s related to!!! Tee hee!!!
      This one is Great isn’t it – I love the song and the bikers were fabulous!!!

  4. Hi Mary, running into you and your husband at Cedar pocket really made our ride that day extra fun 😉 We were all watching you dance, wondering why in the world were you were doing it out there? Then, the next thing we know, were involved in your video! I was one of 3 bikers that couldn’t get in the free box! I was standing beside my bike laughing my head off! We are still laughing!
    It was a brief and great moment meeting you. I too will follow your blogs and adventures. Maybe it will help me to get in the free box 😉
    You said your learning to ride, what kind of riding are you interested in?
    Well take care and may God bless you,
    Debby Howson

    1. Hi Debby! I was so happy to have met you all too! I’m glad it made you laugh. It makes me laugh too – like, why the heck am I doing this crazy project? But then I meet people like you and Kiz and the rest and think, I still don’t know why…but I’m sure having fun. Maybe that’s the point. Stay in touch. I really appreciate your support!

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