Day 80 – Convoy

Thanks to James Carns for requesting this song for our road trip. We had filmed another lovely piece in Glenwood Springs this morning, but we’re going to save that for later. It’ll make a nice spec for a travel segment – but I digress, we stopped at this truck stop and we both saw that line of trucks and had the same thought….the light is just right. It’s the best shot we’ll get. So, we were nervous, but we did it and this is what happened…


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4 responses to “Day 80 – Convoy”

  1. tracy says :

    like your cb… made me smile! I am guessing a lot of your trip is with these trucks!

  2. Debby says :

    Hi Mary, we were the bikers up on Cedar Pocket, we got such a kick out of this one you did with the truckers. Just wanted to let you know my husband ( Joe, also one of your biker dancers ) is also a trucker, 30 years Teamster! The other biker dancer ( Clint ) is also a trucker along with Brian!
    So this was a fun one for us 😉 You are such a kick, I’m sure your be famous one day 🙂

    • Debby says :

      (Sp) you’ll

    • Mary says :

      Hey Debby! That’s great! I tried to get some of the truckers at the truck stop to dance with me, but they were all a bit shy. I thought maybe all truckers were, but now you’ve blown that theory!

      Stay in touch!

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