Day 82 – Kansas City

WIthin 24 hours of arriving in KCMO, we’ve found a place and were able to unload our belongings before our truck was due back. It’s not just “a” place, it’s a wonderful space for us and the terms we got with it are ideal for our situation…in the super cool artsy neighborhood, hardwood floors, 20′ exposed brick ceilings…and lots more. I think we’re going to like it here. This dance is a simple one we did on the road….


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3 responses to “Day 82 – Kansas City”

  1. Harry Mallin says :

    Welcome to (uncharacteristically) Sunny Kansas City! So, where did you guys end up?

    • Mary says :

      Hi Harry, we got a place in the Crossroads. It’s a loft and it’s a great space. We have been unpacking today, but are planning on hitting “First Friday” tonight. What a welcome to Kansas City…it’s been great so far!

  2. Harry Mallin says :

    The Crossroads is a great area for artsy dancey types like you. I was going to volunteer the unloading services of one of my sons, but it sounds like you got that covered. I’m pretty sure Mark has my number, (I know he’s got my email address), and he probably remembers that I owe him a beer for the autographed copy of his book, so please let him know I’m ready for his call when he gets around to it.

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