Day 86 – Fever

Our place is coming along nicely and I was able to make some real space for dancing today. The set-up is great…I placed the camera on the kitchen bar island and it worked perfectly. We are still setting up, but wow – less than a week after arriving in Kansas City, we’ve got an awesome place and it’s almost livable!


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3 responses to “Day 86 – Fever”

  1. ed says :

    now that you’ve finished unpacking I am looking for some free boxes. do you have any?

  2. Lianne & Joseph says :

    Ironically, what am I doing for a break from my own unpacking/setting up chores? Watching you dance through it! 😀 Hahaha. I really like the moves in this one, and the music! You’re inspiring me!

    Oh, and you’ll just love to hear that we took an Intermediate American Rhumba class last night — and what we were told to do? Step onto a bent leg & then straighten! Sigh. She did admit that it’s what the American bronze “syllabus” says to do, & most are now doing international style or a combination instead. You’re barely out of the state & already we’re being ruined!! 😉 It’s okay, we’re just in it for the fun. The Argentine tango & the silver waltz & silver foxtrot classes are going well, though. We’re deciding that we really like the smooth dances best, surprisingly.

    Anyway, please don’t give up on this! You just don’t know how many people you are infecting, er, I mean affecting positively! 😉 It is very infectious, you know.

    Okay, back to Laundry Mountain & bathroom scrubbing–er, I mean dancing, right?

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