Day 87 – Carting up the groceries…

We have been working very hard and today it was time to do some serious grocery shopping. I wondered when I started this project with great optimism and enthusiasm when I might hit a wall or start to feel uninspired. Well….day 87 could be the day. I’ve had a few days already that have been a challenge to get something up – for various reasons – so today isn’t the only time, but with the move – things are shifting for me and the newness of this project is wearing off. Now I suppose I’ll go through some new layers and good – or – bad – it’ll be here for the world to see.

If I was smart, I’d only post on days when I was doing something brilliant. But I never know when (or if) that will happen, so I’ll just keep posting every day and trust the process (thanks Esalen.)

Anyway….here’s me unloading a massive load of groceries. We were going to use the song “I’m a Woman” but I didn’t have it and in my cranky mood I didn’t want to buy it just for this (bad attitude 🙂 so I went with this song entitled “The Stu Bailey Blues” but it got stripped by youtube so now it’s a song from youtube’s audio swap. There you go…total improv once again!


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One response to “Day 87 – Carting up the groceries…”

  1. Max says :

    to funny mary!!!

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