Day 94 – Opera over the railroad tracks

This bridge connects the street next to our building to Union Station – a beautiful and grand train station that houses a kid’s science museum, a post office and as of just yesterday a large dinosaur on the front lawn (watch for a duet with her in the upcoming weeks 🙂 (As usual) I didn’t have a much of a plan, but I started with the skirt and went from there. This beautiful aria, sung by Anna Veleva, is one of my favorites. The lyrics are really about asking her father to let her marry her lover – I just love that it’s so dramatic.

This is the first time I’ve been on this bridge and it’s got an interesting curve to it, which made it a challenge to dance on and stay balanced. I watch these and think, “gee, I could have done something more interesting – used the space differently etc.” but then I remind myself that the nature of the project is total improv and when you decide to dance to a song that you haven’t heard all the way through recently on a surface you’ve never been on before…it’s ok. Maybe next year I’ll dance to the same song everyday in the same place – or not. We’ll see.


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One response to “Day 94 – Opera over the railroad tracks”

  1. Jennifer says :

    A beautiful song indeed. Love your taste in music! Glad to see you’re out truly exploring your new surroundings!

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