Day 95 – Feet and Hands and Enya

This morning I had the idea of just shooting my feet, then I did another take focusing on hands. As I was dancing I had the thought that any body part can dance and even physically disabled people could move just the parts that they can and they’d still be dancing. I like how the final video came out…it’s got a lovely ethereal quality like Enya’s music.


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6 responses to “Day 95 – Feet and Hands and Enya”

  1. Marcia says :

    Love it. Wonderful layering. It’s like your hands are weaving, working, creating, conducting, moving energy – simultaneously the feet and toes are interpreting, interacting, playing with the ground. Beautiful piece.

  2. Diane Rocha says :

    Someday, Mary, art students will be studying you. This is beautiful.

  3. star says :

    Loved it! That’s my favorite one! Incredibly interesting and beautiful and really appeals to the dancer in me! LOOOVE the sound of the bare feet on the wood and watching the detail and grace in what our (your 🙂 ) feet can do. I think that’s the most artistic one yet! Way to go Mary!

    • Mary says :

      I love the sound of the feet on the floor too! I love my new floor! Thanks for leaving a comment Star, I’m really happy to hear from you 🙂

  4. Jessika Mallardi says :

    Love the different perspective…and the music is perfect!

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