Day 102 – Cavatina (theme from The Dear Hunter)

I’m getting on an airplane to visit Florida today, so we chose to keep it simple – one shot – one dance.  This is always a good exercise for me to accept what is 🙂


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4 responses to “Day 102 – Cavatina (theme from The Dear Hunter)”

  1. Kathy Myers says :

    Always beautiful…

  2. Lianne says :

    If you were a writer, you’d be compiling these into a book; an artist, it would be a coffeetable book. What’s the equivalent for you? I’m sure you & Mark have been thinking it over . . .

    This is beautiful by the way.

    • Mary says :

      Good question Lianne. Hmmm…365 times 3 is a lot of minutes – a short film? Maybe. Maybe it’ll just be what it is. I’m so happy you watch and love your support. I miss you!

  3. Karen Carns says :

    This was so exquisite. Beautiful to watch and enjoy-along with a hint of sadness at perhaps leaving Marky for a few days?

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