Day 109 – A poem by K. Fitzgerald

I found this card when we were in Asheville, NC. last year…on our pre-wedding honeymoon.  I love the message.


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5 responses to “Day 109 – A poem by K. Fitzgerald”

  1. Diane Rocha says :

    Mary, I totally and completely LOVE this! Love the poem, love the movement, love the music, and love the message! Well done.

    • Mary says :

      Thanks Diane. I enjoyed putting this one together and have thought about re-producing it because I had the idea rather late in the day and didn’t have much time to work on the execution. I appreciate your comment…it’s the only one – I was thinking maybe I’d totally bombed 🙂

  2. leslie butler says :

    Hi, Mary. Diane isn’t the only one who loved the poem on day 109. I’m still thinking about it and seeing how the message might apply to my life and its frustrations. Your clip hit me straight between the eyes (in a good way.) Very dramatic, almost mesmerizing. So don’t think you’ve bombed out when you don’t get a lot of comments! People may just be in awe and not know what to say.
    Your place in KC looks great.

  3. Mary says :

    Hi Leslie, Thanks for that perspective. Wow, it’s easy to be self critical the more risks I take…and each time I take a little bigger risk it stretches me and makes me stronger. I appreciate the feedback. Our place is great. I hope life in Encinitas is good for you these days.

  4. Nina Cornelius says :

    Mary you might be relieved to know also that some of your viewers watch in bulk!! LOL – can’t get here everyday – but watch many at once to catch up!
    This is amazing – love the poem with music added and of course your interpretive dance. Love you!

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