Day 114 – Sylvia and Javier

I got the idea that I wanted to dance with myself today. It was too late to do the version of it I had in my mind which would have “Javier” leading “Sylvia” – that would have required a bit more time than I had to choreograph and rehearse a set routine. Plus I should have shot from a different angle…but it gives me something to build on.  I don’t know why I decided to name my dancers Sylvia and Javier, but it just feels right. I’m thinking you’ll be seeing more of them – perhaps I’ll use them for an idea I have to make a mini-series.  We’ll see. The music was going to be: 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha by Warren Barker & Warner Bros on the album Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree but Youtube stripped it so I chose a random cha cha from the audio swap library. It’s not as good but hey…it’s what I got. 


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5 responses to “Day 114 – Sylvia and Javier”

  1. Jennifer says :

    I think they’re a fabulous couple!

  2. leslie butler says :

    Yes, they’re great, Too bad they’re so shy and never get close to each other.

  3. Lianne says :

    LOL! Yes, I definitely want to see these two again!! Love Javier’s hairstyle. Bite that air!! 😀

  4. Nina Cornelius says :

    Brilliant! Can’t wait to see them get together!

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