Day 119 – Bicycle Race!

This classic song by Queen sprang to mind today when we decided to take our bikes out and go to the  City Market. Mark did a fantastic job as the camera man. I’m so lucky to have his creative genius to collaborate with.  I love that we could cover so much ground in just a couple of hours.  We passed by Hamburger Mary’s, the “Totally Nude and Barely Legal” place, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, IRS and it was just luck that we had the bonus of “The Tour to Take Back America” bus and crowd at the Sprint Center. We hope you enjoy! 


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4 responses to “Day 119 – Bicycle Race!”

  1. Cheryl says :

    You are so creative! This was wonderful!!

  2. Mike says :

    This was a neat video . . . but . . . where are the wheelie’s and double-flips?

    ME 🙂

  3. brammofan says :

    Did you realize that Mark synchronized the “fat bottomed girls” part of the song with a close up of your butt? Loved this vid — I knew where you were almost every second of it.

    • Mary says :

      Harry, I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know 😉 It was so much fun hitting all these spots on the bikes…they’re all pretty close to where we live.

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