Day 120 – Sylvia and Javier return to Tom Jones’ “Black Betty”

I got lots of great requests this weekend, so I thought I’d better start delivering.  We got a late start to our day and once I got to thinking about the dance, I couldn’t get Javier and Sylvia off my mind.  One of the songs that was requested yesterday was Boogie Fever. I started out thinking I’d dance to that, but Javier just couldn’t get the right funk groove on.  A long time ago Diane Rocha suggested Black Betty, so I turned on that song up and it seemed to work for him.  One day when I have time, I’ll choreograph a routine for them so their dancing actually matches. Maybe by the time I do – I’ll have a better backdrop too so they don’t look like ghosts.  I put a lot of pressure on myself doing this without much time for execution, but getting it on video is helping me see what works and what doesn’t.


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4 responses to “Day 120 – Sylvia and Javier return to Tom Jones’ “Black Betty””

  1. leslie butler says :

    This is one of my faves! The characters are evolving to look and dance very differently one from the other. Love Javier’s developing attitude (and facial hair.) Hilarious!

  2. LCA says :


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