Day 126 – Feeling Good – Nina Simone

Today we are honoring Laurel’s request for this great song by Nina Simone. It’s a remix by “Huff and Herb”  and I love it. It’s spring in Kansas City and everything is in bloom. Part of this was filmed at Loose Park and some at the River Market. I was moving like a snail for the part at River Market…I did get a few strange stares from passersby, but I love the end result!


  1. They were probably just jealous of your all-knowing, all-seeing, super-versatile skirt! Not to mention the super-free spirit that allows you to use big, green lawns they way big, green lawns surely want to be used. Made my Sunday!

  2. Hi Mary!
    Laurel turned me on to your site and I am so impressed-by your skill and bravery! There is a huge difference in dancing on stage and dancing in a crowded market. I’m not surprised you got a few glares and stares. Thank you for sharing.

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