Day 131 – Carol King for Earth Day

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately and wondering what the heck I’m doing this silly project for anyway!  I was trying to think up a song for Earth Day and Cherie suggested Carol King’s “I feel the earth move…”  that one didn’t call to me, but this one did.  It’s been raining like crazy all day and I had the thought that maybe the rain was the Earth being sad and so I decided to dedicate this song to the Earth as my commitment to be it’s friend.  Cheesy?  You tell me.


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8 responses to “Day 131 – Carol King for Earth Day”

  1. Meg says :

    The feet in the mud were a lovely surprise. Really like that part!
    I’m a viewer from afar, not a commenter, but I look in every day & enjoy the fact that you’ve taken this project on. From my own perspective as an occasional blogger, I know it’s pretty weird putting things out there (& I don’t do it even close to every day!). In my own experience, the number of viewers goes up, but almost NO ONE ever comments. I wonder why I do it, and what I’m getting? Can’t answer that question, but so far, I continue. I hope your process gives back to you…

  2. Mary says :

    Hi Meg, Thanks for the perspective and for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it. I love your blog and I’m going to stay in touch with you there too. I appreciate the encouragement and I want to share it too. I am happy we are connected by dance and the internet!

  3. Dan Safkow says :

    When I started my business, I wasn’t to crazy about the business I was in, but I kept doing it because I sensed that it would lead me to “what’s next”. And it did and I’m grateful that I opened myself, because I’m in the “what’s next” and thoroughly enjoy it.. Maybe dancing on the interweb is your gateway to “what’s next”??

    • Mary says :

      Maybe so – I mean I think and hope so – Dan-o. I appreciate your friendship, support, encouragement and real-good ideas! I’m so happy you are thoroughly enjoying what you do – that’s wonderful! I will keep at it. Part of this project is to document what is authentically there for me. I can easily get caught up in worrying about what will entertain people or get them to watch more…but the fact is – I don’t know what that is and I’m not doing this for that (only!) I don’t know why I’m doing it….so I better do it as well and as true to myself as I can because the only way I will get anything of value is to allow myself to explore my creativity, exercise trust and learn to accept what comes of that. Sometimes I think about the possibility that there could be a paying gig and that would be wonderful – and then I will be dancing for someone else. So for now…I better dance for myself.

  4. Dan Safkow says :

    Facebook is kind of cruel game…you get sucked in by the power of the immediate gratification, and then get disappointed when it doesn’t come. I don’t know if you feel that way, but it happens to me when I think I’ve posted something brilliant, and get no reaction, or make a video and get only a few replies. If that is you, you have two choices, 1) dance for dance sake and don’t anticipate any reaction. And you get reaction, treat is a bonus. Or 2) If feedback is the juice, then mix it up … a lot … really, a lot. Predictability stifles commentary … people on the interweb get bored quickly, so you have to be full of surprises. You’re very creative with your music and locations, but if you want to go viral, you need an X factor. I’m not sure what that X factor looks like, but I am sure you have the talent and imagination to do it, but only if it feels right. You’ll have to decide, are you an entertainer or intertainer? (I just made that word up) : ) It’s all part of the journey : )

  5. Mike says :

    Hiya! Don’t stop. This is a great project.

    Mike and Sharly

  6. Cherie says :

    You really can’t go wrong with Carol King. I love that song too. I also, as someone above mentioned, loved the feet in the mud. It was perfect for Earth Day.

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