Day 137 – rerun day 2

It looks like I may have an opportunity to borrow someone’s computer with imovie tomorrow, but I’m not sure. I guess my mac will be back in another few days, not sure really. I was so busy today, I can’t imagine how I would have had time to edit a video and post, but I guess I would have since I’ve been able to do it thus far. Wow…it’s funny how easy it is to fill time. I imagined that once this project was done I might feel empty and lost, but just a couple of days of not doing the most time consuming parts prove me wrong.

I did get a good dance in today. I didn’t burden myself with trying to do it to a particular piece of music or in a special location and that is a very nice feeling. I started the project thinking I’d dance in the studio everyday…and it blossomed outward which is great, but I still want to make sure that I use it as a way to motivate me to work on the quality of my dancing not only on making interesting videos.

I love the editing part and want to challenge myself creatively. I also know that it’s not so interesting to viewers to see me dancing in the studio day after day, but dancing in the studio is where I get the best work out and can really practice my technique. It’s a balance. I’ll keep thinking about over the next few days (and probably beyond.) In the meantime…here’s one of my favorites from Catalina Island…



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One response to “Day 137 – rerun day 2”

  1. Becca Livingston says :

    hi mary –

    Sorry you’re without a computer – it’s been wonderful sharing your dances.
    I had an idea for a dance song, just because it’s so fun – Perry Como’s “Papa Loves Mambo”… not a request, just an idea…

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