Day 138 – the Mac’s Back ~I will survive by CAKE

My Macbook came back today. I just picked it up this evening and my i-sight camera even works – so I recorded with that tonight. I always have liked the look it gives to the videos. And it’s so much simpler than using a separate camera. For some reason i-movie’s “upload to youtube” feature has quit working for me after a certain time. It’s working now too, which simplifies things considerably…it saves me the step of having to export the movie to a file on my desktop then upload to youtube.

Uh-oh. I spoke too soon. It’s not working. Oh well. I’m used to that – no biggie. But why? Maybe I can fix it – tomorrow.

I am hoping to come up out of the funk rejuvenated as well as my computer has … not sure I can do it as quickly. Tonight’s dance is taking a stab at it.


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3 responses to “Day 138 – the Mac’s Back ~I will survive by CAKE”

  1. brammofan says :

    Yea! The Mac is back… no more reruns. Always an enjoyable start to my day, Mary.

  2. Mary says :

    Thanks Harry! I’m happy to have it back too. Hope we see you sometime soon!

  3. Nina says :

    LOVE it! not my favorite song, but the dance and the editing – WOW!
    Love you!!!

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