Day 142 – West Coast Swing and Allen Toussant

This dance is with my neighbor, Jorge. I taught a group class in the lobby of the building we live in and he stopped by. This was the first time we danced together….what fun!  We were actually dancing to Otis Redding, but YouTube blocked it, so I substituted Allen Toussant.


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2 responses to “Day 142 – West Coast Swing and Allen Toussant”

  1. Diane Rocha says :

    I hope I am commenting on the right video. This is supposed to be for the West Coast swing and your neighbor, Jorge.

    This is how I became a fan, Mary. You had subbed for Dave for our WCS class, and I loved you style instantly Then you came back the next week to give Dave something, and the two of you danced WCS. I can still remember how much I loved that dance, and how inspired I was by it.

    And this was great! I have been re-inspired. That Jorge can dance!

    • Mary says :

      Yes, he can Diane! I love that story…thanks for sharing it here! I’m so happy that you are continuing your dance journey!

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