Day 154 – Hey Mama – Black Eyed Peas

I owe my life, my livelihood and most of the joy I’ve ever experienced to dance. It has taught me many things. Another way I hope to develop myself in this project is by putting those lessons into words. I’m very comfortable within the movement realm and I’m probably an expert at body language, but I have no confidence in the intellectual realm, and I can use the practice when it comes to communicating with words. I have good friends (and a husband) who are well educated and have great intellects. While I love their brilliant minds, I am keenly aware of my own academic inadequacies. That may be how a lot of those brainiacs feel about me when they see me dance (though I lack a formal dance education, and have lots of room for technical improvement!)

So, rather than getting stuck in what I don’t have, I am going to use what I do have to develop more of what I want to have. How’s that for turning things around? In my coaching school they talked about pivoting when you found yourself in a negative pattern. I reckon I know how to pivot on the dance floor so here’s a great opportunity to apply this concept both literally and figuratively.


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