Day 155 – Dancing to Italian Waffle by Mujaji

This morning Mark suggested I look up a dance class in Lawrence that we’d heard about. Turns out there is a “5 Rhythms” class every Sunday morning from 11 – 12:30 at the Be Moved Studio downtown Lawrence, KS. We discovered this at 9:50am and managed to get there only 10 minutes late in spite of being a full 45 minute drive away.

It was such a pleasure to dance in community again! I would have video’d today’s dance from there, but it was our first time and I didn’t think it would be appropriate – plus I would need to have permission. There were approximately 30-35 people in this “class” taught by the skilled facilitator, Laura Martin-Eagle. It’s very difficult to describe the sense of connection that I felt joining this group of dancers, many of whom have been dancing there weekly for the past 10 years, other than to say I immediately felt welcomed and at home. I’ve danced (freeform) with communities in many cities and though they may call themselves different names, the one thing that is universal is acceptance, recognition and a basic unspoken respect for the fact that we are all there to do something that has been an essential part of tribes and communities since the beginning of time – dance.

This group was full of movers of all types and I found lots of inspiration for movement that I just don’t get when I’m on my own. It’s not necessarily better, but I value it as much as dancing on my own. Dancing in a group offers way more choreographic options, challenges and inspiration than dancing alone. I love being able to borrow choreography on the fly and try new things on that I might not have otherwise considered if I hadn’t seen someone else doing it. Oh – and sometimes you get to do a duet or a trio, or quartet, or quintet. So much fun!

I am grateful to have found that community of dancers and I will certainly return. My experience this morning served to anchor to belief that dancing makes people better human beings. Making these videos everyday is fun and sometimes I get caught up hoping to win the fame lottery. Really I do not want fame. I want more people to dance. If I the work I do on this blog can somehow awaken more people to the value of dance, then I have accomplished something of true value.


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