Day 167 – Moving Meditation

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Dancing is a broad term that (on this blog) encompasses all movements. Breath is a great starting point. Sometimes I dance to perform or to play or to practice a technique or to expand or to shake it out. Today, I am inspired by my friend, Diane Rocha who’s taking the Dance for your Life challenge and has started a blog about it here. She described her experience of letting the dance take over and letting go of her need to know what was coming next resulting in a spiritual experience! Yes!

When we practice this way, dance allows us access to our body’s wisdom. We learn to listen deeply to an inner voice that without attention, gets drowned out by the ego and the incessant chatter of the mind. I’m speaking in third person, but that is my direct experience…and I know for a fact many other people would agree.

Also, I met with a reporter from the Kansas City Star today who asked me some very good questions – some questions that I did my best to answer, but that I’ll continue to address in my self inquiry. So today’s dance was a bit of a meditation. The music is: City [Fac 15 Sunset Dream Mix] by Afterlife. I was moving hyper slowly…but sped it up for video purposes…


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One response to “Day 167 – Moving Meditation”

  1. dkrocha says :

    I love that! Start with the breath and let it guide you. That’s what I did with my dance yesterday. I started with my feet and let them guide me. Wonder what I’ll start with today…

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