(not) Earth Wind and Fire – Shining Star at the Kansas City Star – day 172

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So I haven’t wanted to say anything about this yet but today’s dance is forcing my hand. I danced at the Kansas City Star today because they are interviewing me for the FYI section and wanted to photograph Marky and I “in action”. I thought – well, why not do it right there at the Star building – it’s a KC landmark after all. I’ve had some requests for Earth Wind and Fire before and this seemed a perfect time to use this classic funk song, Shining Star. I thought I had tested the song to make sure it would pass Youtube’s copyright scanners, but no. After uploading and writing this post the first time – they stripped it. Thank goodness there was another version of this song available that did pass. It’s not what I was dancing to – and it’s no Earth Wind and Fire, but I’m grateful for B5’s version of Shining Star off the Hannah Montana soundtrack.

It’s been really fun actually getting interviewed…they seem to be genuinely interested in what I’m doing – I find it all quite amusing. Not sure when it comes out in print, but I’ll certainly let you know…


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5 responses to “(not) Earth Wind and Fire – Shining Star at the Kansas City Star – day 172”

  1. Mark Gardiner says :

    Hah! Love the way that as the lyric talks about the “shining star” there’s a photog in the background… The KC Star discovers a star of KC’s own…

  2. Bernd Fischel says :

    Mary’s dancing is how I start the day in the morning! A very good wake-up call and start of the day. You put me in the right mode for the day. Thanks!

  3. Meg says :

    How fun to be able to interact with some real people & some new cameras about what you’re doing! There’s nothing quite like real people! Carry on…

  4. dkrocha says :

    You are a Shining Star – definitely!

  5. Karen says :

    You are a star for this city. Can’t wait for the article and then we’ll send it on to Ellen!

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