Day 178 – Core workout.

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I was going to video a dance after Marky and I did our “faux-ga” (our version of yoga and whatever else we feel like doing). He suggested I video my workout. So I did. I realized that I had the camera set up so that mostly all you could see was my assana – whoops…too much information. Anyway, I thought it would be fine to just post this section of it that focuses on the core.

It’s sped up 200 percent – just so you know. Lately, I’ve been working small sections along my spine to open it up in areas that feel stuck as well as to build more specific strength. I have to say, it’s liberating to be able to work out in my own space, at my own pace. It’s also liberating to let my body guide me in my workouts. It’s a balance of will and intuition. I always have to will myself to get started, and sometimes to keep going. I’m really starting to get a great sense of trust that if I can will myself to do those two things, my body will tell me where to go from there. I’m certain that is a another lesson that carries over in all aspects of life.

This song is called Animal Life, the artist is Outback.


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