Some days you have to wear a lot of hats – day 179

I’ve been thinking about all the different roles we play in our daily lives. Like today, I’m bookkeeper, dancer, student, web designer, actor and so-on. I often get frustrated by technology and the fact that everything that’s supposed to save us time – takes so much time to learn. I told Mark this morning that I was adopting a new attitude. Rather than resenting technology, I am going to learn how to use the tools I have so that they empower me rather than drive me crazy.

Life is like that. Frustration is mostly an internal experience and can be adjusted with an attitude shift and a true desire to understand and/or accept the given circumstances. So on days when you feel overwhelmed, just embrace all those hats. (It helps if you have a few fun ones to dance around in too!)

This song is Crickets Sing For Anamaria by Marcos Valle.


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