Day 180 – Crazy little thing called love…

(Special Note- the original post had kd lang’s Lifted by Love on it, but it turns out it was blocked and my dear mother-in-law emailed to say she couldn’t see it and wanted to. So this is for you Liz….thanks for bringing Marky into this world, he’s made mine a whole lot better)

It’s our 1 year anniversary today, so I wanted Marky to dance with me. We have the most fun when we are playing with lifts. We’ve both been working out a lot lately so we were quite a bit stronger than last time we worked on lifts – over 6 weeks ago! We have a lot of fun playing around. I’m exactly 6 months into this project on our one year anniversary. I don’t know what that means, but it seems auspicious.

There are so many ways to move – any of them can be considered dance. Especially Freebox dance – because the Freebox is more a frame of mind than anything else. It’s a willingness to think a little outside the box and a commitment to move in ways that inspire you to move more. I love that I have the freedom to try so many different things – it keeps me endlessly entertained. I also love that we have a world-class museum, the Nelson Atkin and it’s wonderful grounds, available to us for these warm summer days.

The sculpture in this one is called “Ferryman” and it’s by Tony Cragg. Funny, we didn’t look at the name of it until after we video’d this.


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One response to “Day 180 – Crazy little thing called love…”

  1. Jennifer says :

    So glad you two are still having fun together! Love on this special day!

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